Success Stories

Good things are happening here.


1. Daily Food Distribution.


Show up on any week day and you will find the parking lot full of trucks, fresh vegetables and fruit, and a line that wraps around the building. Many families come here to get the necessities of their daily sustenance.

Inspired Vision Compassion Center is serving the families of Dallas, where anyone can come and receive food, love, and a hug. 

“Nothing left to waste. All is given freely to benefit the people of Dallas and surrounding communities.”

— Londa Salazar


2. Special Events.


Through the vision and efforts of the leadership of IVCC, you will see many special events where food, furniture, school supplies, shoes, clothing, and more are given to the community.

Several events have been held for prom gown attire for young men and young ladies to attend their high school proms. These are young people who, most likely, would be unable to attend and enjoy this mile marker of the high school years. Inspired Vision makes it possible.


3. Community Connection.


Karen is amazing when it comes to connecting "the source" with the "the need". Companies with product to donate find a willing recipient at Inspired Vision.