2019 N. Masters, Dallas, Texas 75217


Our current building has served as a food distribution center for over five years, even though it’s original design is as a church. NEED: We have been blessed to purchase the property at 2019 N Masters, but there is additional work needed to be done, in order to fit the need of Inspired Vision Compassion Center.

Every weekday, from 9:30-5:30, many trucks deliver 30-100 pallets of all types of food, and the only receiving dock is our church carport. There is no loading dock. NEED: We need a separate loading dock, specifically for trucks, where forklifts can move food to specified areas for distribution.

The church parking lot has only 17 parking spaces, but every day people representing 1,000’s of families arrive in need of food. These people must park wherever they can find space, including overflow onto the street. Many are elderly, handicapped, and carrying children. Everyone must line up in the parking lot to receive food. NEED: We need ample and safe parking spaces for families, the elderly, and handicapped.

To distribute all this food, we have only one option, the same church parking lot and carport. We distribute in all weather; whether rain, sleet, or Texas heat. In extreme heat, the food must be distributed quickly. In inclement weather, the people receiving food stand in line outside. NEED: We need indoor facilities for our families to shop with dignity. We need walk in coolers and freezers to preserve the goodness of the food and get it to the people who need it.

To accomplish the daily job of distributing food to the community, we heavily rely on our volunteers. They are faithful to show up in all weather, under tough conditions. We are very short on space for volunteers and many times they are working shoulder to shoulder, quite literally. NEED: Adequate work spaces, training rooms, break rooms, and parking for volunteers.

As you can imagine, coordinating this giant effort is quite cumbersome. The Leadership team makes use of every imaginable room, closet, hallway, and space. As this mission has grown, they have done outstanding jobs, but just imagine doing so in cramped quarters. NEED: The IVCC staff need offices.

In the new facility, we plan to have the following:

1. A large free Grocery Store.

2. An Emergency Diaper and Formula room, which has baby supplies and adult diapers.

3. A Clothing room

4. A Shoe Room

5. A Barber Shop– Local barbers will donate a half day a month to come in and cut hair. We have had offers from several barbers and beauticians, who will donate a half day a month.

6. A Cosmetic and Hygiene Supply Room.

7. An Over The Counter Pharmacy, which has free blood pressure machines, diabetic testing supplies, walkers, crutches, canes, commode lifts, shower chairs, etc.

8. A Doctor’s Office, where doctor’s donate a half day a month to see patients who cannot afford medical care.

9. A Dentist Office, where dentists will be able to donate a half a day a month to care for those who cannot afford dental care.

10. A Counselor’s Office, where low income people can come for help.

11. An Optometrist Office, where low income families can come for eye care.

12. A Chiropractic Office, where Chiropractor’s can donate a half day a month, to help those in need.

13. A School Uniform and School Supply room, for students who cannot afford to purchase these supplies.

14. A large kitchen and dining area, to feed the volunteers.

15. A computer lab, to assist people in creating resumes, looking for jobs, applying for benefits, etc.

16. Classrooms to train people– Training Classes will be offered in job training, GED, ESL, Parenting, Nutrition, Marriage, Fi-nance, etc.

17. After school tutoring will be offered in the classrooms.

18. A Legal Aide Office to assist people in need with legal matters.

19. A Non Profit Warehouse, where our non profit partners and schools can come and get supplies.